Disaster Response

Colorado Art Restoration immediately responds to the needs of our clients whose artwork is involved in fire, smoke and water losses. We provide pack out, art handling, remediation, transport, storage, evaluation, installation, and restoration services for damaged art and are able to address the concerns of a single item or a loss involving hundreds of items.

After a disaster occurs, our team will arrive at the scene prepared to safely handle and properly package all art items of concern. Once transported to our facility, our restorers evaluate each item to assess its condition and determine necessary treatment and restoration options.


Art Evaluation

Each art item brought to our facility is thoroughly examined and tested in order to assess its condition and to determine treatment options for restoration.

After examination, we provide all necessary parties with a comprehensive evaluation report which includes each item’s current and pre-loss condition, restoration treatment proposal(s), and a cost estimate for restoration.

Once approval to proceed with treatment is received, Colorado Art Restoration will restore the art as outlined in the evaluation report. We do charge for our evaluation services. Please contact us for more information.


We provide restoration for various  types of art. Please select an option  below for further information about  our restoration services and process.

Freeze Drying

We provide freeze drying for disaster recovery of documents and books immersed in water or exposed to high levels of humidity. Through sublimation, our freeze dryer units evaporate moisture from a solid frozen state to a gaseous state without re-wetting. As a result, documents and books are dried safely by preventing further water damage and possible mold growth. Please contact us for more information regarding our freeze drying services.


Custom Picture Framing

We offer full-service custom framing and carry museum-quality materials including 100% rag mat boards, conservation glazing, archival mounts, and acid free mats, backing boards and backing papers. Our framing department works directly with our restoration department to ensure that art is handled safely and is properly framed to our restorer’s specifications.

For more information please visit Colorado Frame Company. at 303-237-7623

Contact Colorado Art Restoration at 303-238-9709 or

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