Framing & Gilding

Colorado Art Restoration maintains a full-service, in-house custom picture framing department. Our certified framers work directly with our restorers, ensuring that all art is handled in-house and framed to the restorers’s specifications.


We carry conservation glazing, 100% rag mat boards, acid free mat boards and we offer over a thousand moulding options to best suit our client’s needs. Colorado Art Restoration Services also restore antique gilded picture and mirror frames with genuine gold leaf. Our restorers use traditional water and oil gilding methods. Our restorers create molds to replace missing ornaments, repair damaged gesso as well as tone gold leaf repairs.


This class is particularly popular amongst framers and antique restorers and dealers, who can use the skills they gain in their professions.

Our restorers and framers attentively address the needs of damaged frames. Frames exposed to fire, water, age and improper handling frequently need cleaning, odor treatment and sealing, repair of broken pieces, restoration of gilded surfaces, and joining and repair of structural issues. With proper conversation framing, artwork can be protected and enjoyed for years to come.


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