Memorabilia are remarkable and worthy objects or materials that are collected because they are related to a particular event, person and are things collected as souvenirs. Our restoration services include baseball cards, rock-n-roll memorabilia, movie posters, oil paintings, lobby and window cards, and other personal art collectibles. Our memorabilia restoration work often involves removing stains. Preserve cherished heirlooms or bring your artwork back to life with memorabilia preservation. We cater to businesses, collectors, framing companies, and collectors throughout the United States. At Colorado Art Restoration, your complete satisfaction is our primary concern!






BEFORE: Damage from age, handling and improper storage were further complicated when this antique doll was expose to water damage.

AFTER: Surface dirt and some staining on the porcelain head and arms were removed during treatment. The fabric dress re-lined and sewn by hand.


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