Filing An Art Insurance Claim

Time is of the essence when it comes to responding to disasters. Colorado Art Restoration ServicesTM is ready to help you file your art insurance claim whenever catastrophe strikes. Our dedicated team can provide dependable pick-up and delivery services, plus on-location inventory, photography, triage, and condition reports for collections of all sizes.

Our conservators are specially trained in the treatment of artworks of all types that have undergone severe trauma, including exposure to fire, water, high humidity, mold, handling damage, and construction debris. Our Art Recovery Team is prepared to respond immediately to emergencies.

The team works in tandem with our in-house, professional art handlers who are equipped with customized art transportation vehicles and are trained to accommodate claims of large volume.

Upon arrival at Colorado Art Restoration ServicesTM, pieces will be inventoried and photographed prior to being examined in the laboratory. Conservators will provide a formal condition report and treatment proposal for each piece. The treatment proposal outlines the methods and materials that will be used, pricing information, and estimated treatment time. 

Once authorization to proceed has been granted, Colorado Art Restoration ServicesTM will be in touch with the estimated completion date of the project. Treatment time depends on the size of the collection, the type of pieces, and the extent of damage. 

Upon completion of treatment, an invoice will be sent detailing the remaining balance due. Receipt of the balance due will authorize return delivery. 

The Client Services Department is available at all times to work with clients, adjusters, and homeowners to answer any questions related to our procedures and proposed treatments. Client Services will also work with you to review alternative treatment options, determine the selection of appropriate individuals to approve treatments, or respond to special cases where emergency treatment or preliminary on-site examinations are required.

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