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At Colorado Art Restoration we do much more than just restore paintings.  We have a highly trained staff ready to repair and restore your antiques, books, works on paper, comics, sculpture and more.  Read about our latest works and see what Colorado Art Restoration can do for you.

Restoration of an Early 1900s Diploma

Throughout years of age and handling, this high school diploma became stained, torn and warped. After evaluation and testing it was determined that this work on paper was a candidate for a water bath.
The images below show the diploma before restoration, during water bath treatment, and after it was dried and its tears locally repaired.

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Black Light as an Examination Tool

This oil painting on board by Florent Willems (1823-1905) was brought in for evaluation and treatment. Examination of the painting’s surface under normal and raking light exposed surface dirt, frame abrasions, fine[…]

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