Welcome to  Colorado Art Restoration  Services

Our newly constructed state of the art facility in Lakewood, Colorado, allows Colorado Art Restoration Services TM to provide outstanding art and documentation repair to our community and nearby states. Since 1975, our art conservators have restored timeless pieces back to their original glory. From oil paintings and photographs, to documents and rare books, our professional staff are here to provide expertise in restoring your priceless works of art.

colorado art restoration
colorado art restoration
colorado art restoration

Art Restoration is our Passion

statue restoration

Antiques & Furniture

Our skilled conservators also repair works on paper, objects, antiques and fine furniture, as well as picture frames, gold leaf, sculptures, and textiles.

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Paper Repair

For the restoration of your documents and rare books, our specialty fine art services also extend into freeze drying and digital restoration.

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art disaster restoration

Art Disaster Restoration

Our experienced art handlers and conservators are also available to respond to disasters, including fire and floods. In addition, we also provide art storage and transportation and installation of your most precious works.

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Marshall Fire Art Restoration Project

Family art pieces restored after smoke damage

Fox 31 Denver highlights the efforts of Colorado Art Restoration to help victims of the 2021 Marshall Fire bring their most precious pieces back to life.

The restoration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Please enjoy this 24 minute documentary on the restoration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Antonito, Colorado. Produced by Down to Earth Media, it details the work involved in the total restoration of the artwork and sculptures that were affected by a fire that spread thru the church on December 19, 2018.

Latest Art News

norlin library fire

Libraries collections largely unscathed after Feb. 9 fire

Norlin Library’s collections escaped serious damage in the early morning fire on Friday, Feb. 9. Even so, library preservationists and fire remediators are working to return all collections to service as soon as possible. 

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colorado state archives soaked

State Archives Soaked

CBS Colorado – December 28, 2022 – Michael Abeyta – In the basement of an unassuming building, just a block from the Colorado State Capital sits a paper trail that tells the story of the state’s history…
One week ago, during the historic cold snap that rolled through the State, a pipe burst and leaked water all over the documents.

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portrait restoration

Preserving Family Portrait

Passed down for generations, this family portrait was involved in a water loss where it was directly exposed to glycol and insulation. After the painting was preemptively stabilized and cleaned,[…]

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